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2014 May 21st released!!!

Ultimate Off-shore Salt Lure game, Tuna, GT, Amberjack, Marlin


Special Price US$1170.00


Biggest size model of Daiwa Saltiga!
Tackle-Umi best recommended Model!

Outstanding spinning reel for anglers' best performance!
  • Number one line capacity among Saltiga family
  • High Durability which you can use longer in a fight!
  • Remarkable Waterproof performance with Daiwa's latest technology called "Mag Sealed"
  • Excellent improvement in smooth rotation of "Mag Sealed ball bearing"!
  • No problem to fight with Big and strong fish such as Tuna, Amberjack!
  • Cool and luxury design!!

Mag Sealed for Main shaft, line roller, ball!
Durabitlity and performance further improved!!

In addition to “MAG SEALED” waterproof and durable technology that has been adopted in the existing models, it is equipped with line roller section and handle shaft making the MAG sealed ball bearings into a brand new technology. The waterproof performance and rotation performance are improved more than ever. The rotation of the initial performance can be maintained for longer periods of time.

Moreover, by standard equipment Radiation drag knob of full machine cut, was improved Drag Ratio, it shows the drag stable performance at all times. The initial motion of the handle’s lighter feature is the adoption of ZAION made air rotor that combines lightness and strength. It brings together the best of Daiwa technology as well as power in order to enjoy a comfortable offshore game.


With a line capacity of Saltiga models biggest and much over Saltiga 7000H dogfight. When using this thick thread PE, with the aim of catching tuna over 100kg is really a good turn. When changing to the grag grease of the new development, and support high-load, also solves the long fight of time.

Also by the adoption of the Radiation drag knob, even in a fierce fight with the large tuna, and eliminate troubles such as melts knob. Hyper digital gear proud and duration of waterproof performance due mug shield, the overwhelming durability, support the fight with the monster fishes.

It is a model in order to obtain size of your dream.


Item Condition new
Weight 875g
Line Capacity PE#6/540m PE#8/400m PE#10/300m
Bearing (Ball/Roller) 13/1
MAX Drag 30kg
Gear Ratio 5.7
Line/Handle Turn 144cm


Bearing revolution "Mag Sealed Ball Bearings"

PE line and carbon rods are the greatest inventions in modern history of fishing.

And, it is said to be comparable to the two major invention, waterproof and durability of Daiwa technology, "MAG SEALED (mag shield)". Its evolution began in the main shaft, and reach the ball bearing at last through the line roller. Reel got a waterproof performance further.Mag oil is a magnetic fluid that prevents water, salt and sand from entering the axis of rotation and threatening the reel . It continues to move without bearing and keeps the smoothness of the environment. Rotation performance is maintained forever, angler's can concentrate on fishing without stress.

Check how Mag Seald works with this movie >>

Big change of Ball bearings

When an angler is facing the prey intently and the reel is at hand, you are fighting with nature. While it is exposed mercilessly to dust, spray and sand, maintaining the original performance will not be so easy. It can be said that a reel is a collection of sophisticated rotation mechanism especially waterproof and dustproof ball bearing’s life line.

Rotational performance would be lost if slight seawater enters and could not completely prevent salt to enter. Also, a slight gap with the ball-bearing body of the (rolling elements) is just a small grain of sand and dust. A number of reel device have been adopted in order to protect itself from water or foreign matter.

However, it is quite hard to say the truth, it led to results that these efforts are satisfactory. It is a realistic resigned “reel thing rotational performance falls naturally by being beaten by foreign matter or salt someday “he said. However, there is some that not so common. This challenges faced by ball bearings, Daiwa showed a brilliant answer at last. It is a Mag sealed ball bearings.

The Mag shield, it's Daiwa technology own to block the ingress of water or foreign matter from the outside by a strong magnetic fluid film of " Mag Oil".This advanced technology is a ball bare phosphorus that is the core of the reel at the end. It is mounted on a folly .The impact must become to surpass Mag shield appearance time.

"Waterproof of it to thoroughly ball bearings”. The way to realize the vision of this many years was not flat. It was a major hurdle, difficulty of dealing with the material of the magnet in order to stop the magnetic fluid? A small magnet only fit the inside of the bearing there is only a diameter of the earlier of the little finger. However, the magnetic force is weakened smaller, magnet itself is brittle.

Development team are thoroughly reviewing the positional relationship between the plate and the shape of the magnet. At the end of extensive prototype countless, At last, Daiwa has succeeded in mug shield of the ball bearing. This Mag sealed ball bearings that was completed and equipped with the potential to the development team will also marvel. And even if I put a severe test in-house, the smoothness of the rotation did almost the same as before the test.



The initial performance of the ball bearing for a long duration, it is possible to fulfill the service life of the original

Let's organize the benefits of Mag sealed ball bearings can bring here. The greatest advantage of it would be maintaining salt of ball bearings, rust, and significantly minimizes the noise, and over a long period of time of the initial performance. Is not limited to reel, if used for a certain period of time, rotational performance deteriorates due to wear of the ball every ball bearing.

However, the reel ball bearings are conventional, it can be unusable due to rust and salt before the ball has to try it many times. This is the complete change in the Mag shield. Without maintenance, ball bearing’s so fulfill the “life of the original “. In addition, Mag sealed ball bearings, because it is non-contact structure Mag Oil fill the slight gap between the plate and the inner ring, the original rotational resistance is very small. When compared to the bearings uses the rubber gasket inside for waterproof, the difference of the rotation feeling is clear. It will remain its long smooth rotation and the friction is zero, without any special care as possible. It would be a matter how revolutionary it is.

Mag sealed ball bearings, is not a technique only for the top anglers seeking fishing seriously. Used to bring the gospel to all anglers the hope of forever and want to taste the performance of pleasant beginning. True innovation beyond the level of refinement and improvement, it is Mag shielded ball bearing. To complete the form of waterproof durability by applying the shield technology of space engineering to impurities in the micro was also out of order now, reel has taken a major step.


Seawater is also trying to invade or suffered tide, with or without with your fingers along or with a blunt line, clearance of the rotor body and is protected with a film of Maguoiru, to shut down the seawater. Light and smooth rotation of the initial performance continues for a long time in the fresh always internal.

Line Roller

Line roller portion receives direct seawater to pick up the line by retrieving it. So as not to adversely affect the rotation unit of the salt that has entered is crystallized, by employing a Mag Shield here too, to maintain smooth rotation. Saltiga Expedition to Mag shield of ball bearing roller portion of the line, achieving further waterproof and durability high performance.


Super metal body

Subjected to ultra-precision machine cut technology of its own super metal, realize the accuracy is stronger for about 4 times higher than the first generation Saltiga. It is equipped with a drainage hole with stainless steel rear cap with excellent strength in the rear portion tend to fade.

ZAION air rotor

"ZAION" has characteristics of a carbon resin carbon fiber is woven with high density, stronger to further corrosion, strong, lightly. The outweigh magnesium by weight strength, the material which the impossible to possible. Further, since the load is distributed throughout, actuate air rotor unique possible weight reduction as compared to the trapezoidal shape of the prior art. Thus was completed ultimately strength and balance weight ZAION air rotor. Strength and light weight has contributed greatly to the good response of the lure of the action at the time.

Carbon hybrid spool · ABSII

Line is released without any trouble, ABS is, and spool structure flying distance is extended "anti-backlash system" for short. By reversing the tapered surface winding line trouble and line spooling front is hardly extruded, and including backlash depleted. Large-diameter spool, which is also, contributes to the improvement of the drag performance speed and take-up. By reviewing the shape of the spool edge, ABSII of evolution is, achieved further long cast.

Aluminum machine cut handle, aluminum round knob

The adoption of a hollow structure, aluminum round knob, achieve weight reduction of 10% or more than conventional products while metal material. Also, I have to prevent sticking due to rust of the BB not allow seawater intrusion, is built waterproof packing because it is built-in. Excellent transmission of force, round shape of sticking to an emphasis on ease crowded grip supports a comfortable reeling. It is no exaggeration to say you saw the end point in the pursuit of human engineering

Hyper digital gear

Review fundamentally by a computer analysis of the shape of the tooth surface;realize the ideal of engagement of the pinion. Hyper digital gear manufacturing methods that do not allow even the error of micro has produced. By using the large diameter round the C6191 having an intensity of 1.6 times that of duralumin, the strength of the gear and the durability is dramatically improved in the material. Great feeling and its power of comfort wound that was not considered in the prior art, dramatic change is just a common sense.

UTD hyper tune

The carbon washes to woven tightly, and impregnated with Drag grease with the tenacity than before. To allow a delicate drag setting, it show the drag stable performance even at high drag value of 10kg or more. It also corresponds to the exchange that uses a drag for a long time

Radiation drag knob

Dragknob of all-aluminum machine cut with excellent heat dissipation. Even in a situation while set to a high drag value, such as those issued by the line pull of intense large fish, escape the heat, avoid the trouble melts knob. Drag knob by preparing the fight with a large fish.

Perfect double stopper

In addition to the usual stopper, it is equipped with a mechanical stopper. Safety function which has a high durability, preventing reverse mechanical stop, another is activated Infinite stopper without operating event.


Order to be sent out in line for the flow of line roller by the smooth veil shape without irregularities, trouble thread get entangled, decrease dramatically. It is a hollow structure that further realizes substantial increase strength without changing the weight.









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